The Cirrus Life. Now at jet speed. That’s the tagline Cirrus Aircraft created after the market intro-duction in late 2016.

the SF50 Vision Jet, a product that is posi-tioned as an ideal step-up airplane for a competent owner of a Cirrus SR22 and who already well understands and embraces all that life entails.
The Cirrus Life, if you’re unaware, is about using your airplane to enhance your lifestyle — in other words, to live a better, more fulfilled life because of it.
You can decide for yourself whether you think a Cirrus can “fulfill” you on an emotional level, but the concept certainly isn’t lost on the legion of fans of the Cirrus brand who proudly live that lifestlye as often as they can.
There’s no denying that a Cirrus appeals to a buyer in an emotive way as well as an analytic one. A Cirrus is “cool” in a way that a Cessna Skyhawk is not. A Cirrus says something about its owner that a Piper Cherokee never will. The Cirrus approach to aircraft design and marketing, in this way, is reminiscent of, say, Apple with the iPhone. When a new Cirrus is introduced, the air-plane isn’t merely announced, it is revealed. It’s a big deal, in part, because Cirrus does a good job of making sure it is a big deal.

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