07Mar 2019

What should an aircraft manufacturer do with a talented engineering team that just wrapped up the successful certification test program for a jet that would go on to win the Collier Trophy and Flying Innovation Award in the same year? One option would be to put them straight back to work developing the next iteration […]

07Mar 2019

The Cirrus Life. Now at jet speed. That’s the tagline Cirrus Aircraft created after the market intro-duction in late 2016. the SF50 Vision Jet, a product that is posi-tioned as an ideal step-up airplane for a competent owner of a Cirrus SR22 and who already well understands and embraces all that life entails. The Cirrus […]

10Nov 2017

Ten years in the making, the US-made Cirrus SF50 Jet is the most exciting and game-changing aircraft in business and personal aviation for many years. Board this beauty in your hangar and you can dop day’s work in far-flung locations. Click here to read more

06Nov 2017

The Vision Jet is well suited as a step-up product for Cirrus SR20/SR22 owner/pilots. Outward visibility is superb. Cabin spaciousness is great. The FJ33’s FADEC makes pilot workload considerably lower than in a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-powered turboprop. Stall characteristics and approach speeds are right down with the best of the single-engine turboprops. This […]

12Jan 2017

Tucked away in last week’s Cirrus G6 announcements were some hidden gems. Most significant of all was the substantial repositioning of the “little sibling” SR20. First, the SR20 has been given a reliable, low maintenance, 215hp Lycoming engine (versus a 200hp Continental in the G3 model). It will be interesting to see if this extra […]

13Nov 2016

After a 10 week journey, covering nearly 24,000nm and 20 countries, Lachie Smart now holds the world record for the youngest person to fly around the world in a single engine aircraft, age 18. That aircraft was a Cirrus SR22. Kreisha Ballantyne catches up with him shortly after his return. Lachie, firstly, huge congrats on […]