27Jul 2016

Propellers get damaged more easily than any other item on an aircraft.  A propeller can be written off in a couple of seconds when high power is used in unfavourable conditions. Surprisingly, a lot of prop damage happens on sealed tarmac where there is still a smattering of small loose stones on top which can […]

18Jul 2016

In the past aviation finance has been difficult to obtain, often due to a lack of understanding. Many financiers withdrew from aviation during the GFC, never to return to the industry. Colin White, an aviation finance specialist working with the company Interlease, explains some options: There are 3 general ways to finance aircraft assets; Cash, […]

15May 2016

How often do we see the starter motor limits exceeded during a hot start, resulting in no start? Chances are most don’t give the starter limitations* a second thought, especially when there are others watching and the pilot’s pride is on the line! Ignoring the limitations could well result in a premature replacement of the […]

02Feb 2016

If you are flying a Cirrus Perspective aircraft and still thinking in litres it may be time to consider using USG for all of your planning and flying.  I can already hear the naysayers, “but I always think in litres, I get it at the bowser in litres, I pay in litres, my car uses […]