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Cirrus Sunshine Coast Caloundra - NSW (North of Sydney Harbour), Queensland and Northern Territory


Business owner Ross Harrison, is a dedicated and passionate aviator, with over 30 years of flying and business experience. He has 5,500 hours flying time, in a diverse range of aircraft including Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper in fixed wing and Robinson, Hughes and Eurocopter in rotary wing. ‘The Cirrus aircraft is absolutely the very best, with so many safety and technical features, it has to be flown to be really appreciated,’ says Ross. 

Andy is the Sales Manager for Cirrus Sunshine Coast. He is also a Grade one Instructor and Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot (CSIP). 'Having around 4,000 hours flying hours in many different single engine aircraft, I truly believe the Cirrus is the safest and most comfortable aircraft I have ever flown', says Andy.


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Cirrus Melbourne - NSW (South of Sydney Harbour), Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia


Cirrus Melbourne CEO  

Charles is a passionate aviator with in excess of 13,000 hours . Formerly a Boeing 747 check and training captain for Cathay Pacific, Cessna sales director, Vulcanair sales director and CEO of Avia Aviation, the Cirrus Training Centre at Moorabbin Airport

Cirrus Melbourne, Sales and Marketing

Formerly an aviation magazine editor, Kreisha now brings her enthusiasm and passion to Cirrus Melbourne, having joined the team in June 2015. Kreisha is a private pilot with 600 hours and loves travel, flying and talking.



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Cirrus Perth - Western Australia

Cirrus Perth is lead by it’s Managing Director - Scott Rawson, a dedicated and passionate aviator. Scott is well placed to give advice and offer the best solution to your aviation requirements. ‘The Cirrus aircraft is absolutely the very best, in my opinion, with so many safety features and amazing engineering the aircraft are an absolute pleasure to fly.’ says Scott Rawson.

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Cirrus New Zealand

National Sales Manager for Cirrus NZ , Bruce Brownlie has over 8000 hrs of GA flying in New Zealand really enjoys demonstrating the benefits of Cirrus ownership throughout NZ. Bruce is also a CSIP (Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot) and will provide comprehensive and complimentary training with delivery of each new aircraft. Initial and recurrent Cirrus Training is also available for current owners and pilots looking to upgrade to this technically enhanced and thoroughly modern aircraft. Additionally, if you are in the market for a pre-owned Cirrus, we have access to a selection of affordable, quality aircraft and will assist you in choosing the right model for your needs.

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