Welcome to Cirrus Aircraft South East Asia

When you become a Cirrus owner, you aren’t merely taking up a hobby; you are choosing a whole new lifestyle, one full of freedoms, choices and responsibilities unlike anything else. Our owners reflect our standards; you demand the most cutting edge technology, innovative standard safety features, impressive interiors and exhilarating performances. We are here to aid you in purchasing your own Cirrus aircraft – from choosing the model, to the seat colour, our sales staff will guide you through the process with the quality of service you know to expect from Cirrus.

The Cirrus Fleet

Safety - Innovation - Comfort - Performance 

Experience the combination of comfort in style, performance in design and intelligence in technology. Every Cirrus aircraft is designed around both pilot and passenger and delivers an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality and safety. It’s your life, your schedule, and you can get to where need to at your pace, not someone else's. Our spacious interior has leg room to spare and easy access doors with oversized windows, providing outstanding visibility. Our number one priority is safety, evidenced by continually improving developments and training programs to the extent that the Cirrus safety record now closely approximates that of turbine aircraft.